Featured Author – Ella Carey + Interview + Giveaway

Guys I’m super excited to interview the talented Ella Carey on my blog today. Read on…


So Ella, first off thank you for being here and also allowing me to interview you!

  • Ella, many readers might not have heard about you or your books. So to start things off in today’s interview, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Thank you for having me here Amanda! I am an Australian writer- and the author of Paris Time Capsule, which was released in 2015 with Lake Union Publishing and The House by the Lake, which is due for release with the same publishers on March 29th 2016.  I grew up in a house full of books, did a Music degree and an Arts degree at university, and now write full time. I live with my two teenage children, and two very special little Italian Greyhounds! Every single time I go for a walk, at least five people ask me if they are whippets!

  • What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always written, so I suppose it was inevitable that this was going to happen. But, I think the answer to that question, is one, that I just have this big imagination that kicks in, and two, I write to make sense of the world- to get beyond the surface, beyond facts, facts, facts…

  • What’s the best thing about being a writer?

I love every single aspect of being a writer. I just have my dream job. My favorite thing is completely losing myself in the first draft- I love the way characters take over. It’s like reading, you just get swept away.

  • Tell us a little about the genre of books you’ve written so far and why you love writing such stories.

The genres of books I’ve written so far are commercial/literary fiction based around mystery, a love story and history. I love writing these sorts of stories as usually, something will resonate with me and inspire me to write. It’s not an intellectual connection, it’s purely instinctive.

  • So Ella, you have a new book – The House by the Lake – out now. Can you give us a premise of the story?

Anna Young, the owner of San Francisco’s Italian Café, is stunned when her grandfather, Max, reveals that he is part of an aristocratic German family who had to flee their ancestral palace just out of Berlin in 1946. Max left for the US, never talked about his past, and now wants Anna to return to Germany and retrieve something he left there… in 1940. Once in Germany, Anna, with the help of Berlin attorney Wil, searches for the real reasons why her grandfather never talked of his past. This takes us to 1930s Paris and the story becomes involved with an apartment in Paris that was abandoned for seventy years.

  • What ideas sparked you to write The House by the Lake?

I was inspired by a trip to Berlin, by the true story of a dear friend’s ancestral palace just out of Berlin that her mother and family were forced to abandon in 1946, and I wanted to write more about my character Isabelle de Florian, who was surrounded by mystery in Paris Time Capsule.

  • What message would you like readers to grasp after reading your novel?

I think I would like my readers to grasp the message that people who lived through the Second World War often never talked about it because they were told not to do so. The German population were all advised to simply move on. This is hard for us to grasp, and this generation are now almost lost. I think trying to come to some sort of understanding about this and about the sacrifices they made helps us to realize that we need to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way in our own lives.

  • What’s the hardest thing you’ve faced when writing The House by the Lake?

I think the hardest question I had to face was the fact that my lead German character, Max, is faced with an impossible situation- he had to either join the Nazi party or risk putting his family in terrible danger. Of course, the ramifications of this affected him for the rest of his life. It’s impossible for us to imagine being put in that position.

  • What can readers expect from you in the coming months? Any new books in the works?

I have just sold my third novel to my US publishers, Lake Union. It will be released in October 2016. Harlequin Australia have bought subsidiary rights to Paris Time Capsule- that will be released in Australian and New Zealand in bookstores on September 1 this year. I also have adapted Paris Time Capsule as a feature film screenplay. My agent is shopping it around to production companies now.

  • What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Keep at it. If you have the vocation to write, just have a go. If you need to support yourself with another job in the meantime, then do so. The need to write is a real need. I can’t not write, and if it’s the same for you, then be true to yourself and just go for it.

Well there you have it folks. The brilliant Ella Carey has spoken with such eloquence, I’m bowled over. Hope you are too. To add to my rambling here, I’m sure you’d want to get a copy of her novel A House By the Lake because, honestly, who doesn’t love a story that takes you back in time? So today, one lucky person is in for a chance to win an e-book copy of Ella’s latest book. Comment below for a chance to win!

Ella CareAuthor Picy is a writer and Francophile who claims Paris as her second home. She has been studying French since the age of five, and she has degrees in music and English. Her debut novel, Time Capsule, has captured global attention and her second novel, The House by the Lake, will be released on March 29th, 2016. She lives with her two children and a pair of Italian greyhounds in Hobart.The Paris

Ella Carey on the web:

Author Page

Blurb: The House by the Lake

27256096Anna is content with her well-ordered life in San Francisco. But her world is turned upside down when her beloved grandfather, Max, reveals a startling secret: Anna is part of an aristocratic family who lost everything during World War II. What’s more, Max was forced to leave behind a precious item over seventy years ago in their estate in old Prussia. It’s now his ardent wish that Anna retrieve it.

Anna burns with questions as she heads for Germany: What memento could be so important to her grandfather? And why did he keep their history hidden? As she searches for answers, she finds herself drawn to Wil, a man who may hold the key to unlock the mystery. Together they discover that her family’s secrets are linked with an abandoned apartment in Paris, and these secrets go deeper than she ever imagined.

Alternating between 1930s Europe and the present, The House by the Lake illuminates the destiny of a family caught in the tumult of history.

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