Amanda Writes (1)


Wow, I was swept away with this story. From beginning to end, Jennifer Hayward captivated me—took me on an exciting journey where the worlds she’d created for her characters felt as real as day. Genuine emotions, flirty banter, engaging dialogue, deeply touching characters whose sizzling chemistry set the pages on fire and true talent on Ms. Hayward’s end makes: Claiming the Royal Innocent—the second book in the Kingdoms & Crowns trilogy—an exceptional story. Fast-paced and entertaining, this story should definitely be on top of your reading list. The moment Aristos Nicolades laid eyes upon the vision in the name of Aleksandra Dimitriou he knew she meant trouble…for him and King Nic of Akathina. But it is only after sharing a steamy kiss with the gorgeous Alex that Aristos is shocked when he discovers her true identity. Now that Alex is forbidden, Aristos knows better than crave to add fuel to the fire burning between them. However, when Alex is thrust under his care the last thing Aristos needs is to protect a woman who might be in danger—but is it from him or the neighboring king? Grab a copy of this delectable book and discover the answer for yourself.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars