WANTING MR. RIGHT by Joanne Dannon


Okay, so this story sucks you in from page one. Joanne Dannon clearly knows what she’s doing as she sets out to test the strength and will of her hero and heroine in her latest offering: Wanting Mr. Right. The uphill, downhill battles Daisy and Logan face entertains you from beginning to end and the ending leaves you satisfied at the way things turn out. The author ties up all the loose ends nicely. Daisy Roberts’ modeling career faltered somewhere along the line and now with realization she isn’t the supermodel she once had been longs to find balance in her life. Logan Wentworth is married to his job and when a promotion to Hong Kong pops up on his radar it means the world to him. He wants this job. He has to have this job. Except one thing stands in his way…if he accepts this job he would be the single guy in the circle! What now? Well when you have a supermodel friend why not ask for her help? It’s exactly what Logan does. The consequence however was more than what Logan and Daisy bargained for!

Nicely done Joanne
4 Stars


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