The Shock Cassano Baby by Andie Brock is well-written, sensational and emotive. The characters were flawed and their back stories were intricately interwoven in engaging dialogue and vivid prose so as to enlighten the reader about their most basic traits…their fears, their needs etc. Ms. Brock’s writing didn’t go unnoticed either. She kept the pacing steady as she guided her characters through the ups and downs in their relationship. The story itself was realistic. One intimate night on the Caribbean island of Jacamar leaves Isobel Spicer carrying the consequences. When she spills her little secret to Orlando Cassano, things get pretty heated. But all that glitters in Orlando’s life isn’t gold. He has secrets of his own. Will he be able to move on with his life? Knowing how much hold his past has on him? Overall, a good story with a satisfactory ending!

4 Stars


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