Amanda Writes (1)


Emotionally stirring, sensually mesmerizing and beautifully written, His Pregnant Sleeping Beauty by Lynne Marshall will keep you engrossed until the end. This is a story that will pull at your heartstrings. The tension between Joseph Joe Matthews and Carey Spencer is evident on the page as their past haunts their present day life. They recreate their past pain every chance they get. I cannot give away much of the plot without baring the essence of this intensely consuming story. But I will say this: would you be willing to put your trust in a stranger if you’ve been abused and been hurt by loved ones in your past? Keep this question in mind if you think about giving this story a try. Because, this is what His Pregnant Sleeping Beauty is about—putting yourself out there even though you want to hide away in your shell.

Happy Reading

Highly Recommended
5 Stars



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