Amanda Writes (1)

Married for the Boss’s Baby by Susan Carlisle is a well-written, super fun, super sexy story where instant attraction between the hero and heroine creates the setup for a sizzling romance. You will find this story quite exciting from page one. It is guaranteed to evoke a sigh once or twice as the characters intermingle and get closer!

Dr Grant Smyth’s world has just become more tension filled than ever. With the death of his father and ex-girlfriend, Grant is now tasked with caring for the infant child they left behind: his infant half-sister. Grant’s life is already hectic at the hospital where he is a transplant surgeon. How can he singlehandedly care for a baby and carry out his duties as a surgeon at the same time? Impossible! The only thing left for him to do is hire a nanny…someone to care for little Lily. In walks Sara Marcum into his life like a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine. Sara is fantastic with Lily but beneath her charming outer persona is a woman broken up inside. Bonding with Lily brings back memories of her past. However, having Grant around and taking care of Lily makes her life easier. And so a romance is born where two people help each other heal and find happiness even when the horizon appears bleak and distant.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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