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You can never go wrong picking up a medical romance written by Karin Baine. Ms. Baine is a talented and insightful writer who takes a simple plot and spins a web of drama and romance—making the story her own in every engaging word, dialogue and scene! Always creating characters that jump off the pages makes her latest novel: The Doctor’s Forbidden Fling no different than her other well-loved stories. She has added depth, meaning and purpose to her main characters—Violet Dempsey and Nate Taylor. She tests their will and strength. Placing them in unlikely scenarios and having them overcome the obstacles blocking their path to happiness. You won’t be disappointed you chose this book. It is all out entertaining. So grab a copy and prepare to be propelled on a journey where romance, trials and of course a deserving happy ever after keep you hooked from beginning to end!

Happy reading.

4.5 Stars


Karin Baine1

Karin Baine2


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