I welcome Jacqui Jacoby to my blog once more. Read on for my interview with her!

What inspired you to write this story?
 The driving force behind writing Illegal Exit was already knowing I had two brothers/cousins who committed these crimes and learning enough about them to understand why they were justified. Spending months and months with nothing more than that concept in my head created the background, the heroine and the environment that became Illegal Exit.

What is your story about? Illegal Exit is a study into the concept that good men can do real bad things for a good reason.

Were you rooting for any character? If yes, what can you say about him or her?Gavin.  I always fall hard for the secondary hero in my stories, I always have.  He’s funny, he’s dependable and he’s got a heart that forgives, not to mention he loves cats.  Gavin is the guy you want at your shoulder because you know, with or without the blood-tie, he’s not letting you down.  Besides, he said my favorite line ever.

If you were to choose a celebrity for your hero and heroine, who would they be? Any one of my given characters is a compilation of several people, usually celebrities that mesh together to form their own entities. I generally have a more clear print of the hero than the heroine as my stories tend to be hero driven.  For Trevor Martin, I know who he looks like but I rarely release that as I want the reader to see them in their own mind.  To understand both Trevor and Gavin I looked to the motive Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; that scene toward the end when they killed the five bandits. The look of despair on  Butch and Sundance’s faces, that is what is inside both Trevor and Gavin as they face the loss of their family and realize what they must do.

What is the working title of your next book? I have three books I am working on getting out in the next eight months:  Aaden’s Hope in September, A Collection of Dead Men: 13 short stories; and Retribution in the spring of 2017. It’s a spy thriller.



Jacqui Jacoby on the web:
Google + Jacqui Jacoby        Instagram: JacquiJaxJacob 
Jacqui Jacoby


Illegal Exit

The crime wasn’t in what Trevor Grant had done. It lay in what was done to him. Now, years after he lost his family, he faces life in prison for his part in removing the guilty. In Hannah Parker’s mind, she has two strikes against her: she has too much money and too many brains. In her experience where one of these might blacklist you, the two together was a life sentence.

When the chance comes to see the boys on trial, their cause becomes her cause. With the silent resources behind her, she will work the system, securing the release of the men she believes innocent of conscience, if not the crime.

Strangers coming from different backgrounds, Trevor with Gavin, will join Hannah. She will become part of their everyday living—holding Trevor close—even as they keep an escape plan in place in case anyone ever looks twice and asks “do you live around here?” 

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