HIS MISTRESS FOR A WEEK by Melanie Milburne

Amanda Writes (1)


There aren’t enough adjectives in the English dictionary to describe Melanie Milburne’s latest offering to Harlequin Presents. His Mistress for a Week swept me away from page one. The angst. The drama. The intense scenes. The provocative writing… It took my breath away! I savored every sentence. I growled expletives at Alistair, such a brute at first. I cheered Clem on when her razor sharp tongue and inward dialogue sliced Alistair to shreds—the dialogue between H/h held such weight. It provoked and it tantalized.

It’s been ten years since Alistair and Clem laid eyes upon each other. Then one day Alistair waltzes back in town and uproots Clem from her quiet, non eventful life. It’s a storm between her and Alistair who would not take no for an answer. But they’re but determined to have their own way but Alistair is convincing enough to persuade Clem in the most ruthless way. Want to know what happens next? Just imagine having these two hot headed and temperamental rivals together… Explosion. I thoroughly enjoyed this delicious story and highly recommend it to all fans of romance! You won’t be disappointed.

Highly, Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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