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I am never disappointed when I pick up a Lynne Marshall medical romance. Ms. Marshall tends to bring out the best in her characters by delving deep into their pasts, torturing them with the demons they’ve locked away in their dark forbidden closets. In Wedding Date with the Army Doc we meet Charlotte Johnson, a woman who knows pain from the inside out. She has put dating on hold after her surgery. However, when Dr. Jackson Hilstead walks into her life, Charlotte couldn’t help but register the butterflies in her stomach. Could she start dating again if it involves the hot doctor? Jackson is sexy and brilliant at his job but beneath his outward charm is a man who life has beaten and bruised over the years. And Charlotte may very well be the balm Jackson needs to heal his broken soul. Overall, I think Ms. Marshall has done a fine job bringing together Jackson and Charlotte. These two characters compliment each other. They bring out each other’s best qualities. And their journey through the ups and downs makes this book a worthy read.

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars

2 thoughts on “WEDDING DATE WITH THE ARMY DOC by Lynne Marshall

  1. Hi Amanda!
    This book was near and dear to my heart. It was also very challenging to write. First off, I’ve always wanted to write a pathologist protagonist, and Charlotte seemed like the perfect person to take on the role. When I presented the proposal to my editor, I expected some push-back, but she welcomed the story about two imperfect people who turned out to be perfect for each other.
    Thank you for reading and reviewing my books. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

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