The Cattleman’s Proposal is a fresh, flirty romantic story which introduces Helen Lacey’s Men of Mulhany Crossing series. It tells the story of Joley McBride and Nate Garrigan. Joley wants to deny her attraction to Nate because she thinks he’s too arrogant. She attempts to block him out but somehow can’t. Things get a little haywire when Joley finds out Nate bought shares into the flight school run by her family. Stubborn and feisty, Joley vows to do whatever it takes to regain full control of the school but she hasn’t bargained on Nate being attracted to her. But Nate has his own baggage. An ex-wife has stolen his will to believe in love and the things that comes along with it, however he hadn’t bargained on Joley awakening a dormant feeling in him. With his sights set on feisty Joley, Nate will do whatever it takes to win her over. Would she willingly stay in his life long enough to teach him how to love again once she gets to know him?
4 Stars 

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