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This is the final book in the author’s Kingdoms & Crowns trilogy.*

Marrying Her Royal Enemy by Jennifer Hayward is an intense and tempestuous story about two independent individuals who have to put aside their hate and misunderstanding for each other in order to prevent their countries from going to war.

Stella blames Kostas for her brother’s death and though she’d once been infatuated with him she loathes him for what he has done. However, the sparring moment between her and her enemy heightens when Kostas asks her to marry him. He must be crazy! But Stella knows what is at stake if she fails to accept Kostas’ offer so she agrees to marry him though her determination in not having him getting under her skin slowly slips away as she discovers a new side of her husband she never knew existed. Getting to know Kostas and learning his side of the story only draws Stella closer to her husband and it isn’t before long that she discovers her long time crush had always had a thing for her too and as her husband, he is willing to show her how much he madly wants her!

Sizzling hot and fast-paced, Marrying Her Royal Enemy ends the trilogy on a happy and fulfilling note.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars