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Annie West surely knows how to keep a reader hooked to her novel from start to finish. Vivid writing, well-articulated scenes, sharp banter and sizzling chemistry makes The Flaw in Raffaele’s Revenge a compelling story with a unique twist on the Beauty and the Beast story. Ms. West makes this evergreen tale her own by interweaving realistic back story and creating intense yet flawed characters whose stories keep you turning the pages!

What Raffaele Petri wants he gets and in this case he wants the reclusive Lily Nolan to work for him on site. But when Lily is adamant to say yes, turning down his lavish incentives, Raffaele is forced to use blackmail in getting her to leave her home and travel to New York. With no other choice, Lily does Raffa’s bidding and is soon greeting him at his office. But she isn’t what he expected but her quirks intrigue him and it isn’t before long that Raffaele begins to unravel the mystery surrounding the sharp-tongued Lily!

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars

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