Amanda Writes


To Blackmail a Di Sione by Rachael Thomas is everything I love about Harlequin Presents novels: exotic settings, intense banter, a deeply flawed alpha hero, explosive chemistry, razor- sharp dialogues and a feisty and independent heroine!

All Russian billionaire Liev Dragunov wants is to make the people who caused his family’s ruin to pay for their actions and what better way to instigate his revenge plot than by using Bianca Di Sione, the sister of his enemy! Though Bianca snubs him at first, Liev knows exactly what she wants—a priceless bracelet and so using the bracelet as bait he blackmails her into doing his will. She becomes his fake fiancée for a few months but what they both hadn’t bargained on was falling hard for each other. And as one thing leads to another, it isn’t before long that their attraction explodes… putting their fake engagement on a whole new pedestal!

Overall, To Blackmail a Di Sione is steamy, fast-paced and I enjoyed it from cover to cover!

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars


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