Guys, help me to welcome Tinthia Clemant to the blog today! 

What inspired you to write this story?

I became inspired to be a writer when I was very young—seven to be exact. I wrote my first romance book, stapled the pages, and presented it to my mother on Mother’s Day. From that point on, until well into my fifties, I would write pages and shred the pages. I’d always felt I wasn’t good enough.  However, I didn’t want to die with my soul full of stories. On my fifty-ninth birthday, I pushed the fear aside, consumed gallons of ice cream, and wrote about love, romance, learning to recognize love when it comes packaged in a way we don’t expect, and believing in one’s self.The Summer of Annah was born.

What is your story about?

The Summer of Annah: A Midsummer’s Dream centers on an earth witch and single mother who cast a love spell on Midsummer’s Eve. Annah-Belle Henderson is 54 and, after two failed relationships and several years spent alone, decides to try for what many consider the elusive golden ring—true love. We follow Annah on her path tofind love, but also on her journey to trust in her inner wisdom. The Summer of Annahis filled with joy about the possibilities life offers, if we choose to open our eyes and hearts.

Were you rooting for any character?

I rooted for Annah from the moment she introduced herself to me. I cried with her, laughed with her, fought with her, ate Boston cream donuts and ice cream with her, loved her, and longed for her to become real so I could have a real conversation with her.

If yes, what can you say about him or her?

Annah is a strong, determined, feisty woman who suffers from the same angst that so many older women suffer. She challenges her decisions based on her past failings more than her past successes and desires someone to share her journey but refuses rescue. She’s loyal and spirited; funny and quick tempered—she rocks.

If you were to choose a celebrity for your hero and heroine, who would they be?

The celebrity I would choose for Annah, hands down, would be Diane Lane. Just like Annah, she’s beautiful with a pure heart. For Eric, if Paul Walker were still alive it would have been him. I want someone who is not only handsome but also centered. Perhaps Chris Hemsworth.

What is the working title of your next book?

The sequel to The Summer of Annah: A Midsummer’s Wish will be titled The Summer of Annah: A Labor of Love and is due out on Midsummer, 2017. I’m also working on a new series, due out December, 2016, about a woman who travels to Italy in the hopes of finding inner forgiveness and discovers so much more. I have two titles: You gave me wings! and The best is yet to be!  I’m not sold on either one. Perhaps a lightning bolt will hit me one night.

Author Email: tinthia@tinthiaclemant.com
Book Title: The Summer of Annah: A Midsummer’s Wish
Author Name: Tinthia Clemant
Author Location (for press releases) Boston, MA
Name of series and book number in series: Book One in the Seasons of Annah series
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Publisher: River Lady Press
Date of Publication: June 10, 2016
ISBN: 978-0997437119 for paperback 

ASIN: B01DDRLARS for ebook
Number of pages: 328
Word Count: 102,000
Format: e-book & print
Cover Artist: Karen – http://coversbykaren.com/
Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/wSTe12lUUBo


cover with extended sides

“The true love I desire shall come to me. I am the lock he is the key. As mine to him, his soul shall speak to me. This I seek, so mote it be.”


When 55-year-old earth-witch, Annah-Belle Henderson, cast a spell for love, she never envisioned her wish would be granted in the young nephew of her longtime friend. With a face that rivals the Norse god Thor, and a body to match, the charismatic Eric Ashworth draws Annah into a dizzying current of emotions. Should she accept the chance for love with a man twenty years younger or reject her feelings?


As a past darkness threatens to destroy her, Annah makes a decision that begins a journey fraught with judgement, betrayal, and perhaps death.

Purchase Link: The Summer of Annah

Author Bio:

my photo

 Tinthia Clemant was born in Medford, Massachusetts, over sixty years ago. In other words, she’s old! As a child, she was happy and lived in a loving home with her three siblings and mother and father. She always wrote love stories. From the time she first picked up a pencil, or perhaps it was a crayon, she wrote. Love stories. Happy stories. Stories about true love with happy endings. Her first book was self-published and she had continued the tradition of self-publishing. (At the tender age of seven, she stapled the pages together and presented the book to her mother on Mother’s Day.)

As contemporary women’s fiction’s newest romance author, Tinthia fell in love with love stories and true love when she first learned about true love’s first kiss and watched Prince Phillip defeat Maleficent’s tangled web of thorns, and then the fire-breathing dragon. Next came Phillip awakening Sleeping Beauty with true love’s first and that did it for Tinthia! As a hopeful romantic, she searches far and wide for true love. Unfortunately, she has yet to find that special kiss. Throwing her arms up in defeat, she decided to write about true love and live vicariously through her heroines.

Tinthia lives on the banks of the Concord River and spends her time teaching science at a local community college, gardening, painting, tending her flock of Mallards (follow her natural history blog at: (concordriverlady.com), reading, and, of course, writing contemporary women’s fiction about kisses that matter, romance, relationships, and true love. She also enjoys Chunky Monkey and American Dream Cone or other enticing flavors produced by Ben and Jerry’s.

The Summer of Annah: A Midsummer’s Wish is the first book in the Seasons of Annah series. Read The Summer of Annah and fall in love with true love.

Author Web Links: 

 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChm2p75hhhZn8gRt_deyhuw
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinthiaclemant
Twitter: https://twitter.com/riverladypress
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15285933.Tinthia_Clemant
Blog: http://www.riverladypress.com/?p=218
Website: http://www.tinthiaclemant.com/

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