Amanda Writes (1)


The Warrior’s Captive Bride by Jenna Kernan whisks you away on an entertaining journey together with a tribal warrior and a medicine healer. Ms. Kernan wrote this story with so much passion and depth. Each well-articulated scene is informative, educating and at the same time the romantic elements between Crow warrior Night Storm and Skylark shows the growing attraction between the H/h evolve and build in this well-paced, realistic story.

Night Storm is plagued with a strange illness when he crosses Skylark’s path. He believes she’s a witch and is responsible for his plight. But when he learns of the good deeds she’d done for him after he fell, Night Storm is now in her debt for only Skylark has the potential to heal him. To keep his warrior status intact, Night Storm marries Skylark. But living together and facing all the trials popping up along their path only makes Skylark and Night Storm draw closer. But what would happen to Skylark and Night Storm once their secret is out in the open?

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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