Amanda Writes


I was instantly whisked away into this story one word at a time as the unfolding drama of a runaway bride kept me riveted. The angsty and tension-filled scenes between Mikolas Petrides and Viveka Brice had sexual undercurrents lingering there and I anticipated their HEA.

Viveka has spunk, determination and her headstrong personality adds intensity to this story. Though her life might appear perfect, she has faced more trials than any young girl should. In the meantime, Mikolas is a broody, sexy devil, however, beneath his sleek outward appearance is a man who had an unsavory upbringing. But his determination to live a better life had not been a smooth ride. Thanks to his grandfather, he managed to get away from the filth of his tough childhood! So it is only wise for him to marry a suitable bride who will merge his business and cement his success in the business arena. But the surprise that waits him will only test his strength, his will and his perseverance to hold his cool even when he is inwardly fuming.

Mikolas is stunned when he lifts the veil of his new wife only to discover the woman is someone else. This foils the true purpose of the marriage. In the meantime, Viveka takes her sister’s place at the altar, but had she thought of the consequences of her foolish actions? Overall, The Secret Beneath the Veil is a tension filled story that engages you from the first page right down to the last.

4.5 Stars

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