Amanda Writes (1)


Author Joanne Rock has written a diverse story where suspense, family drama, forgiveness, teen problems and of course romance play integral parts in making this book a great read. Fast-paced and engaging from start to finish, Whispers Under a Southern Sky tells the story of Amy Finley and Sam Reyes.

Amy has returned to Heartache, Tennessee, to face her past—one day at a time. She is a strong person even after what had happened to her ten years ago. Though her leaving Heartache might make her appear as a coward; Amy is more than what meets the eye. Her shaky past molded her adult life, and the decisions she makes. Returning to her hometown is a big step for her but meeting her high school sweetheart only opens old wounds.

Sam is a father and also Heartache’s sheriff. He is also the best friend anyone can have. He’d fled Heartache years ago to protect his best friend’s sister after her life was put in danger. He never told Amy the truth but seeing her back in town unravels both their pasts and as the chase to put the final nail on the coffin cementing a rapist in jail draws close, Amy and Sam have a chance rebuilding their relationship one heart-racing moment at a time.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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