SURVIVAL TIES by Trisha Leazier


Survival Ties by Trisha Leazier is the first book in The Outbreak Chronicles. Who would have thought a few simple transplants would cause havoc in the world and put humans at risk? Ashlyn’s sister turns into a monster after having a transplant at a reputable hospital and because of that she had to watch her sister die twice. Quickly the ‘disease’ spreads and only a few people survive vicious attacks by humans-turned-monsters. The survivors come together and journey towards a secure location. However, their ride isn’t smooth and obstacle free. Quick thinking and working together is the only way these survivors can stay alive. Through their tough and dismal journey, the survivors bond and as they reach the end of their destination must fight to save humanity!

For a debut author, Ms. Leazier has done a spectacular job with this story. Survival Ties is fast-paced, genuine and raises the hair on the back of your neck. So good! I anticipate the other two stories in this trilogy.

Recommended for sci-fi/fantasy lovers
4 Stars


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