Amanda Writes


Karin Baine’s latest medical romance, The Courage to Love Her Army Doc, is set in Fiji and wow, I cannot gush enough over the how vividly Ms. Baine has portrayed the exoticness of this tropical Mediterranean paradise. The author brings to life the beautiful, sun kissed island through colorful scenes which only makes you crave to see this island for yourself. However, it is not always sunshine and roses for the cast of characters. There is medical drama, relationship drama…romance, heartache, heartbreak, sizzling chemistry and every other kind of emotion simmering between the pages.

The question this book asks, from my perspective, is: can people with rough pasts move on and find happiness? Ms. Baine explores the deep emotions associated with people who have been unhappy with themselves or their relationships and through their unstable journey portray the advantages of moving on. Basically, this book is about two broken people who are escaping from their pasts and finding happiness by supporting each other…

Dr. Emily Clifford has had a rough ten years of her life so the last thing on her mind when she arrives to Fiji is romance! But meeting Joe Braden on the island and getting to know him on a personal level leaves her intimately flustered. Being around Joe makes her crave for happiness. Meanwhile, Dr. Joe Braden wants to put his topsy turvy past behind him and meeting Emily Clifford is the perfect distraction. She shifts something in him. And he falls for her hard but will their past be an obstacle preventing them from finding happiness with each other?

4.5 Stars


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