An Interview with Joanne Dannon

Joanne Dannon
An Unforgettable Holiday


When falling in love isn’t as easy as falling in love.

Heart warming holiday reads with a splash of faith. Give yourself the gift of love with these romances that will fill your heart with the magic of the holiday spirit.

A Magical Christmas In Jerusalem

Australian project manager Kiara Lonsdale is career focussed and determined to provide and care for the grandmother who raised her. Taking time off work to vacation has never been high on her agenda, but this year she’s made an exception. She’s helping her gran fulfil a life-long dream by accompanying her on a Christmas to the Holy Land tour.

Jacques Lenoir and his extended family run tours in Israel and he’s committed to their business. Jacques feels responsible for his grandparents’ welfare since they risked their lives, and others’, as operatives in the French Resistance, during the War.

But over romantic dinners in the desert, camel rides, and mud baths at the Dead Sea, sparks fly between Kiara and Jacques. Will this only be a holiday romance or will a touch of Christmas magic make it last a lifetime?

A Magical Chanukah in New York

Lisa Sassoon has shunned the scandal of her loser-ex cheating on her by escaping to New York. Instead of sightseeing, she’s become a recluse focusing on helping the less fortunate at a homeless shelter. 

Gabe Olivari, entrepreneur and savvy business New Yorker, can’t let go of the pain of losing his best friend. So caught up in his own grief and believing he doesn’t deserve to be happy, he compensates by pushing everyone close to him away. 

But when Lisa and Gabe meet, there is an instant connection that forces them to question not only their behaviours but their aspirations.

Can a dash of Chanukah magic help Lisa and Gabe realise that sparkling dates and dreamy kisses can lead to more? Perhaps even a lifetime of happiness?

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Guys, please help me in welcoming author Joanne Dannon to the blog’s her first time!

  1. Tell readers a little about yourself.I’m an Australian author who writes romances with sigh-worthy-happily-ever-afters with the aim of sweeping my readers away for a few hours of blissful reading. I’m a happily married mother of two heroes-in-training and love spending time with friends and family.You can find me on social media chatting about reading, writing, cooking, vintage-inspired dresses and all things romantic.
  1. Plotter or panster?Definitely a plotter. However, I spend a lot of time creating and defining my characters but only have a loose plot in mind. Once I start writing, my characters take over and often direct the plot.
  1. Authors have been asked this question countless times. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Where do you get your ideas from?I get ideas from places I visit, newspaper articles I read or stories I hear on talk back radio. Anything that interests me is noted down in my ideas notebook for later reference. For example, that interesting story I heard about may define a character’s backstory.
  1. Your next book is titled An Unforgettable Holiday. Tell us a little about this story and what readers can expect.An Unforgettable Holiday is actually two holiday novellas in one gorgeous read. These novellas are a little sweeter to the books I normally write, not only holiday reads but they have a splash of faith. Both heroines find love when they least expect it, thanks to a dash of holiday magic.
  1. What inspired you to write this story and what experience did you gain during its research stages?
    This was my first Christmas story and I wanted to focus on the magic of the festival and have my hero and heroine find each other when they least expected it. I spent much time in creating a complex backstory for my hero and his family, which I really enjoyed. I love history and read a number of online articles to help me create the hero’s grand-parents, who are the foundation of the hero’s family. For my Chanukah story, I wrote a complex backstory for my hero where his best friend’s death had a profound impact on him. The articles I read about vets and PTSD broke my heart and I hope we, as a community, do more to support our vets.
  1. Tell us a little about your hero and heroine in this story.
    For my Christmas story Kiara Lonsdale is accompanying her beloved grandmother to Israel for a Christmas in the Holy Land tour and meets the hero, Jacques Lenoir. Jacques’ family runs the tours which meant these two got to spend lots of quality time together in some amazing places.
    For my Chanukah story, my heroine Lisa Sassoon needs to get away from Melbourne and hides out in New York but instead of sight-seeing she spends her days working in a homeless shelter.Gabe Olivari is the boss of Lisa’s BFF and he’s the one to help her break out of her bubble-like existence. I was inspired by the movie, While you were Sleeping, where the hero gets the heroine, out of her daydreams. In my Chanukah novella, Gabe does this for Lisa.
  1. Do you have any favorite line/s in this book?
    I love both my novellas….. a lot! But I have to say my favourite part is this scene (sorry! I know you wanted a line or two but I really like this bit)

    Two hours later, she and Jacques were sitting on a camel as the guide steered the animal along the rocky path in the Judean desert. Kiara turned her head to look at Jacques, gripping the handles with an intensity that would’ve impressed Superman. “If you’d told me this morning that we would be in the middle of nowhere on a camel ride at dusk, I would’ve never believed you.”His cocky smile showcased his beautiful white, straight teeth and she took a steadying breath as she took in his gorgeously handsome face.The camel gave a loud snort as it meandered along its designated path in apparent total boredom. It appeared uninterested in the people on its back especially the female one who was stunned, terrified, and exhilarated all at the same time. Clutching on, Kiara looked around at the spectacular desert scene stretched out in front of her made up of hills and valleys.Glorious fingers of colour stretched across the sky reminding her that biblical people had travelled in this area thousands of years before her and would’ve seen the same stunning setting. Goose bumps broke up across her arms and again she said a silent prayer of thanks to be experiencing something so inspiring and wonderful.

  1. What are you currently working on and what other projects can readers expect from you in the near future?I’m taking a break from writing over December-January when my boys are home on school vacation. Then, in February 2017, when they’re back at school I’ll finish Forever Mine which is the 4th book in the Alex Jackson series.
  1. Any advice for aspiring writers?Read a lot and keep writing. Some writers can have their first book published but most can’t. It’s important to keep going with your writing, learn from others and also join writing organisations eg: Romance Writers of America.

    head_shotJoanne Dannon, an Australian author, writes to give her readers the experience she loves to savor–indulging in a sigh-worthy-happily-ever- after, being swept away from the everyday by diving into a delicious romance novel. 

    Joanne is a happily married mother of two heroes-in-training who loves spending time with friends and family. She can be found on Facebook and her website chatting about reading, writing, cooking, vintage-inspired dresses and all things romantic.

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