THE DARK HALF by Stephen King

Amanda Writes (1)


Stephen King’s book: The Dark Half had me riveted from page one. This ‘creepazoid’ of a story was hard to put down. With scenes that burst to life and characters that are genuinely incomparable, The Dark Half makes for twisted entertainment. This page-turner gave me the chills every time one particular character appeared on the page. I couldn’t read this book in the night–not because of the blood-curling gore but because George Stark is the last fictional person I wanted to think about before I fell asleep! Overall, The Dark Half by Stephen King is compelling, dark and intense, (extremely intense!) and it still grabs you by the shirt front, drags you in and never lets you go. The scenes are so well-written that you feel as if you’re in the book, witnessing everything taking place real time (i.e., fictional time in the fictional world), where you’re scared of George Stark as much as everyone who knows he exists. And the ending….downright creepy, but good riddance!

I would definitely reread this book and would highly recommend it to readers who don’t mind reading a dark, gory story!

5 Stars


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