ONE HEIR…OR TWO? by Yvonne Lindsay

Amanda Writes (1)


This story has an intriguing plotline. And my fascination in seeing how things pan out makes for an absorbing read. This is such an emotionally stirring romance with an equally moving plot which I won’t talk about on purpose. You’ll have to read the book to know the finer details but I will talk about the characters from a reader’s perspective. We experience sibling love and the strong bond between sisters. What Kayla has done for her now dead sister is remarkable. I cheered for her, cried for her and laughed for her when things worked in her favor. Donovan on the other hand is a man who any woman would like to get to know. Even when he wants to run he stays. Even when he doesn’t want to show his emotions he does something good. I loved him and loved him even more when he acknowledges his feelings for Kayla. Their coming together is beautiful and I happily cheered them on. Dreamy. Thank you Yvonne Lindsay for writing such a wonderful story!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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