CAUGHT UP IN YOU by Jules Bennett


Paperback, 352 pages
Published November 29th 2016 by Zebra
ISBN: 142013910X (ISBN13: 9781420139105)
Series: The Monroes #2

The Monroe brothers have their differences, but one project unites them: turning an antebellum mansion in their Haven, Georgia, hometown into a peaceful spa. It was the dream of their late sister—and it’s about to set off a major renovation in the life of middle brother Braxton…
Braxton Monroe’s taking a break from teaching to do some strenuous work on a Civil War–era house, and feeling the strain in every rock-hard muscle. Good thing he has to interview massage therapists for the spa—even if it’s embarrassing to meet a job candidate in his boxers. Cora Buchanan has hands so talented—and a voice so sultry—he wants to hire her before he even lifts his head from the table. But he’s shocked to meet her outside the massage room—with her seeing-eye dog, Heidi the yellow lab.  
Cora has left her family—and fiancé—in Atlanta to make her way in this small town. All her parents’ money can’t restore her sight, but it’s up to her to restore her independence. Though she bristles at Braxton’s protectiveness, she too feels lingering effects from their intimate touch. Now that he’s her boss, it’s strictly hands-off….Until a secret she’s keeping destroys his fragile trust, and they must find the courage to knock down the walls between them.


Caught Up in You by Jules Bennett has depth, captivating characterization, passion, love and romance intermingled to give you an explosion of emotions that are raw and deeply touching. Through emotive detail Ms. Bennett unravels her characters by making them vulnerable, revealing their flaws and tests their faith…which eventually binds the story together and makes sure to keep you hooked from start to end. I instantly fell in love with Cora. She is compassionate and full of charm. And I found her strength uplifting and positive. Braxton meanwhile is intelligent, kind and thoughtful. He and Cora makes a power couple. That I love! Overall, a charming and wonderfully uplifting story that is sure to make you look at life differently.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

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