31246950An inconvenient desire

Growing up in the midst of her parents’ fraught union, surgical nurse Lise Bradshaw has never wanted nor needed a man by her side. Until a sensual chance encounter with Dr. Dante Valentino on the dance floor of a Miami club sparks a full-blown passionate affair…leading to a shock proposal!

Dante knows what he wants–a family, and what he doesn’t–love. But as the fire blazes between him and beautiful Lise he realizes that he’s inconveniently falling for his convenient fiancee!


Dante’s Shock Proposal by Amalie Berlin draws the curtain close with a bang in the Hot Latin Docs series! The fiery spark and the pulverizing hotness in this dramatic medical romance add the extra flair to keep you turning the pages. Lise Bradshaw is fierce and intelligent. She knows exactly what she doesn’t want—a man. However, her encounter with Dante Valentino makes her discard sensible logic. After a passionate affair, Lise and Dante are basically left with one choice. Would they be willing to give up on each other?

4.5 Stars


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