33891838When Mercedes Kimball’s sister abandons her children, Mercedes takes in her confused niece and nephew, jeopardizing the job she loves at a retirement community. The sexy new handyman’s bedroom eyes promise to fix anything, but he can’t fix this. L.C. Fogarty is trash, not Father Of The Year, but he’s happy to be Mercedes’s sounding board. Given their white-hot attraction, he’d love to see what they could do to a headboard, but he’s keeping a secret she won’t forgive. Confessing means facing untold heartache and going back to where he never belonged. He’d rather stay with Mercedes and her misfit family. She might not get to keep that family, though. Which means she’s going to need him.


There are some days when reading a book feels like a chore and there are some days when the story whisks you away and you are lost to reality. This book did that to me. I read it in one sitting and was so sad to let the characters go in the end. Nevertheless, Dani Collins breathed heart, humor and life into this story: Only in His Sweetest Dreams. She gave her characters wings and boy did they soar! Overall, this is a passionate rendition of heartbreak mended with love…little by little.

4.5 Stars


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