31246949From passion to pregnancy!

An encounter with Rafael Valentino is brokenhearted Cassandra Larrobee’s chance to live in the moment. It was supposed to be one night only, but the sinfully hot doc has left her with more than just memories

Since a heartbreaking decision years ago, Rafe has been determined to remain alone but when he’s sent to work with Cassie he can’t resist their reckless kisses! When he discovers Cassie’s shocking surprise, can Rafe let her bring light into his shadowed life and become a daddy to their baby?


The Hot Latin Docs series should be read by all romance fans! Rafael’s One Night Seduction, Tina Beckett’s installation in this sexy new series doesn’t disappoint. The story captures your attention from page one. The turmoil and the growth of the main characters will melt your heart and have you cheering for their happiness. Cassandra’s heart is still fractured after a devastating breakup. But when she runs into Rafael Valentino, she cannot help but feel like turning over a fresh new page in her life. Meanwhile, Rafael’s life hasn’t been a walk in the park either, but there was something indescribable about being around Cassie. She lit up his life and one night they get close—riding the wave of their passion together—except the storm to follow will test their strength and their attraction towards each other!

4.5 Stars


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