HER HOLIDAY FLING by Jennifer Snow

31521853Divorce lawyer Hayley Hanna has one week to convince her bosses she’s not a “ruthless, man-hating shark.” And it’s not going to be easy. In a moment of insanity, Hayley agrees to bring her fiance to the corporate retreat in Maui. But there’s one problem: she hasn’t got a fiance.

Enter Chase Hartley–six feet of sexy, sculpted police muscle. Chase needs a date for his sister’s island wedding–someone to stop the family matchmakers. The chemistry between Hayley and Chase is just a bonus–one that quickly turns hot nights into sizzling sexcapades. All they have to do is resist believing their own lie. But just because their relationship is fake doesn’t mean that falling for each other won’t have real consequences!


Now, if you’re looking for a story that sizzle and burn up the pages, then grab yourself a copy of Her Holiday Fling by Jennifer Snow. This book—the story, the plot, the dialogue, the characters—everything about it is perfect! Divorce lawyer, Hayley Hanna is in a fix. Because of an article misquoting her words, she must now prove to her bosses she is nothing as she’s painted to be and agrees to bring her ‘fiancé’ to the retreat in Maui. But there is one problem: she has no fiancé! Now what? In walks gorgeous Chase Hartley, thing’s click between him and Hayley. Before you know it, their sly arrangement begins to feel real as day. Will they follow their hearts? Overall, this is a stunning story that explores passion and attraction in detail between two captivating protagonists. In the end, what I loved most about the story is Jennifer Snow’s writing style. She has a way with words that bring her characters to life. Bravo!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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