31246982From secretary…to the sheikh’s wife!

Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari knows a reconciliation with his estranged father means accepting his father’s choice of bride…unless he gets there first! Luckily he has the perfect princess in mind–his new assistant Ruby Dance.

After her last cheating boyfriend, Ruby is avoiding all commitments, but this promotion could help her family, so she agrees to a temporary marriage. She should be craving her next assistant role, not the devastating beauty of the desert and the man who rules it all…


The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess by Liz Fielding is a dramatic and emotive story with vivid prose, engaging dialogue and two leads who are sure to entertain you with their spontaneity! The story unfolds beautifully from the onset, grabbing your attention and keeping you mesmerized with each new chapter. I especially cheered for Ruby, who had been cheated on, so her heart is still fragile. However, seeing her and Bram together had me cheering for them both. Overall, I think Liz Fielding has done a wonderful job with this story. Her unique writing voice shines through and as a reader I was bowled over by it all.

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars


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