31868056Their royal bundle of joy!

Two months after her breathtaking night with Prince Enzo Affini, nurse Aubrey Henderson arrives in Venice to discover he’s her new boss. And even more shocking? The news she’s carrying his royal baby!

Guarded doctor Enzo has long protected his legacy and his heart. He’s determined not to trust his attraction to irresistible, spirited Aubrey. But as their baby grows, so, too, does their undeniable connection and a longing for a happy-ever-after that neither can deny!


Baby Surprise for the Doctor Prince by Robin Gianna is a February 2017 Harlequin Medical romance. The story captures your attention from page one with beautiful prose and a captivating heroine who you instantly fall in love with. Aubrey Henderson is sweet, caring and spirited. Her arrival in Venice takes her breath away. But her shock when she meets her new boss will leave a lasting impression on her. Prince Enzo Affini is a man who knows exactly what he wants. Meeting Aubrey again only makes his heart rate speed up. He is captivated with her but he knows the child she carries would put them both in a position where they must decide what’s best for their baby. As they reconnect, Aubrey and Enzo realize if they want to be happy they have to look past their issues. Overall, I found that this book tells an emotionally stirring story, with a sensual romance which adds that magical touch to make you sigh with contentment. I will surely reread this one sometime in the near future!

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars


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