34189271Pregnant with the prince’s baby 

Nurse Shay Labadie’s one exquisite night of passion with Dr. Dante Affini was meant to be a beautiful memory. But now Shay’s expecting…and Dante is expecting her to take his hand in marriage! 

Dante’s proposal is shocking enough, but then he drops an even bigger bombshell—he’s not just a doctor, he’s a prince! Now to win his child and the woman he loves, Dante will have to prove he can master his most important role yet—as the husband Shay deserves…


His Pregnant Royal Bride by Amy Ruttan feeds one’s addiction for romance. This is an enjoyable story and one that is a quick yet entertaining read from beginning to end. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know the two main characters as much as I enjoyed the secondary cast who added depth to the drama which unfolds. Nurse Shay Labadie is a genuinely warm person and when she meets sexy Dr. Dante Affini sparks fly and one thing spirals into another. Before you know it, Shay’s sexy prince is popping the question, though for his own reasons we’ll soon learn, after he discovers she’s carrying his child. But will she say yes? And if she does will her reason be because she’s fallen head over heels for her doctor prince?

4 Stars


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