HOT TARGET by Elle James

32084956Delta Fierce!

On loan for a local assignment, Max “Caveman” Decker already feels at home in the backcountry of Wyoming. Protecting one woman—even petite spitfire Grace Saunders—is a vacation to the Delta Force warrior. But Grace thinks something darker is at work than the murder she witnessed.

It wasn’t a case of the wrong place at the wrong time—it was her “curse.” Every man she gets close to dies. Now she’s saddled with Decker, her sworn protector, who won’t leave her side. Any hope for a simple assignment will change once they’re living under the same roof, where Grace’s curse will be just as inescapable as the crosshairs of a killer.


Wow, Hot Target by Elle James took me on a journey—a journey where danger, passion and emotional turmoil lurked. I was astounded by the conflict, felt engaged with the story through believable dialogue and got a grip of the setting through the finer visual details which brought the well-developed characters to life and had me captivated with what will happen next. I truly believe that fans of romantic suspense stories with a twist will find this book a compelling read as much as I have.

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars

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