32028101Her safe haven

When New York-based communications executive Emma Meadows finds her personal and professional life in shambles, she retreats to a lakefront cabin in the Adirondack Mountains. Aiding an injured animal at the side of a rain-drenched road, she meets local veterinarian Joshua Whitmore. Gradually, Josh’s charm and persistence overcome her defenses. But when Emma’s past abruptly intrudes—putting reputations and even lives at stake—it threatens everything she and Josh have begun to build together.


Sanctuary Cove by author Kate James is a captivating and endearing story that is rich in detail and dialogue. The three-dimensional cast of characters personifies this well-written, fast-paced story and gives you a wonderful and fulfilling reading experience. The conflict had me engrossed with each new chapter. I rooted for the hero and heroine even when things appeared to have no solution. I liked Emma Meadows from the start. For me, she is perfect regardless of her flaws. I thought her to be a strong and wise character. And her beauty and charm only adds to her striking personality. Josh Whitmore, the hero, is also a compelling character. He is passionate in his own delightful way and beneath his caring nature is a man whose heart is made of gold. I cheered for him and Emma. In the end it all pays off…but not without them having to fight for what they want and believe in. Overall, a great story with a happy and deserving ending…

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


2 thoughts on “SANCTUARY COVE by Kate James

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed Sanctuary Cove, Amanda! Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful review.

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