The Argentinian’s Virgin Conquest by Bella Frances

31868044His most tempting conquest!

Lucinda Bond might be descended from English nobility, but her aloofness hides painful insecurities. Painful enough that she’s never allowed herself to be touched.

Then Dante Hermida sweeps her from the Mediterranean ocean, mistakenly thinking she’s drowning, and suddenly Lucie finds herself in the arms of Argentina’s most outrageous playboy! His arrogance challenges her boundaries, but his caressing gaze ignites a desperate desire

Despite Lucie’s defiant facade, soon Dante has her at his utterly sensual command! But discovering Lucie’s innocence, this dark-hearted Argentinian finds himself longing to claim her with a need that shows no sign of abating!


The Argentinian’s Virgin Conquest by Bella Frances has everything you want in a Presents novel. Sharp wit, drama, passion and a colorful cast who keep you preoccupied from the get-go. Lady Lucinda aka ‘Lucie’ is my favorite character in this story. She is charming, mesmerizing and imperfect. Her back-story was so well-detailed, and genuine that I couldn’t help fall in love with her. Now the hero is another issue. Dante is an alpha of course…but his past will break your heart. He may be pompous at first but eventually as I got to know him I grew to like him for the person that he is – strong, capable and flawed. He made a great opponent for the Lucie. The banter was at times hilarious, passionate and intense. Overall, The Argentinian’s Virgin Conquest satisfied my hunger for an unconventional romance—one that is different and unique!

4.5 Stars


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