The Italian’s Vengeful Seduction by Bella Frances

32905255His tantalizing revenge!

Tycoon Marco Borsatto gave Stacey Jackson her first taste of pleasure…only to devastate her with accusations of treachery. Ever since, waitress Stacey has buried any hint of vulnerability behind a cool facade–she refuses to open herself up to hurt again.

Except Marco isn’t a man to forgive and forget! When he rescues Stacey from another man, one look at Stacey’s luscious form is enough to remind him of her bitter betrayal–and their electrifying magnetism!

Marco won’t allow Stacey to slip through his fingers again: his touch will be his vengeance!


I knew I would enjoy The Italian’s Vengeful Seduction the moment I met the main characters. These two were sharp-tongued, genuine and ambitious. I loved their initial meeting right down to the last scene….which I must let you know was spectacular! The first thing on my mind after finishing this book, which I read in one sitting, was: ‘easy reading is damn hard writing’. The steamy banter, the internal monologue and the overall likability of this romance all comes down to the author’s skills. Bella Frances knows what she’s doing and I’m still marveling at ways she makes each chapter an entertaining experience. The story has deep emotional layers, grabbing you from the onset. Every fine detail kept me in the loop and at the same time drawing me into Marco and Stacey’s world. Overall….a highly recommended read!

4.5 Stars


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