White Christmas for the Single Mom by Susanne Hampton

32561528Temptation under the mistletoe

Specialist Juliet Turner flies halfway across the world to England with her young daughter, Bea, to perform lifesaving in utero surgery. But her first white Christmas is complicated by the feelings awakened by ob-gyn Dr. Charlie Warren!

Juliet has protected her heart for years, but she soon finds there’s so much more to this closed-off widower than meets the eye. Perhaps it’s time for them both to let go of the past, surrender to their burning chemistry and make this a Christmas to remember!


White Christmas for the Single Mom is wonderful medical drama with a soul that made my little reader heart explode with every emotion I experienced throughout the story. I was taken by the visual details painted by author Susanne Hampton as she revealed her characters one chapter at a time. The romance was sweet and satisfying and in the end it all came down to important decisions Juliet and Charlie had to make regarding their future. Will they be able to forget their pasts and move on with their lives?

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars


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