An Interview with Carole Mortimer

tnEnticingIanEvie is distraught when her brother, Adam, confesses to her he’s deeply in debt at the casino and nightclub, Utopia, owned by Gregori Markovic, the head of the Russian Bratva in London. When Adam disappears only days later, Evie feels she has no choice but to go to the nightclub and talk to Gregori Markovic herself.

But before she can get anywhere near the powerful Russian she’s waylaid by Ian Knight who now works for Markovic. Ian is a man Evie knew very intimately three years ago. Tall and dark eyed, and with a muscular body, Ian is still the dangerously attractive man Evie remembers. Except for the fact that he now despises Evie with a passion and has absolutely no reason to help her.

Can these two resolve their differences long enough to find Adam, if he’s still alive, or will past hurts and misunderstandings continue to drive Evie and Ian apart?


*Also available on iBooks

*Author’s Note: The stories in the Knight Security, Alpha, and Regency Unlaced series have stronger sexual content and language than my other books.

 1. Hi Carole, welcome to Amanda Writes. Please tell readers a little about yourself.

Hi, Amanda, lovely to be here. Tell you about myself? Well I’m an author, a wife, and a mother, and not necessarily in that order! I love being a wife, and mother to my 6 sons. But I also love being an author, it is such an important part of me.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer and what inspired your first book?

I have been reading romance novels since I was 11 years old and discovered the Georgette Heyer Regency books, and Harlequin Mills and Boon Romances. It didn’t occur to me that I could attempt to write one of these romances myself until some years later. I realized I wanted to do exactly that when a plotline for a story came into my head and refused to leave until I had written the story down.

3. Plotter or panster?

I’m definitely a pantser. I never know, when I sit down at my laptop every morning, what I am going to write that day and where it will take me. Every day my characters take me on an adventure with them.

4. Your latest novel is titled _Enticing Ian (Knight Security 5). What influenced you to write this story and what can readers expect? Is it connected to other books? If yes, please enlighten readers about the connecting books.

Enticing Ian is the sixth book in the Contemporary Romantic Suspense series, Knight Security. This series leads directly on from my ALPHA series, which was/is an Amazon #1. The characters are all interlinked, and often crossover between the two series. The story of Enticing Ian is about Evie and Ian, two people who were involved three years ago, until Ian walked away without so much as a goodbye. Evie now needs help to find her brother, who has gone missing, and the only person she can think of to help her is Ian.     

5. Tell us a little about your hero and heroine in this story.

Evie is one of the strong heroines I like to write about. Ian works for the Knight Security company, owned by his four cousins. He has a ghost in his background which prevents him from allowing himself to become emotionally involved with anyone. Except Evie isn’t going to accept him walking away a second time.

6. Do you have any favorite line/s in (name of book)?

Not really. All of my books, and all the dialogue are important to me, and are important to that character. It would be like trying to choose one character over another, and I couldn’t do that either. They are all so real to me, and exist in my world.

7. What message do you anticipate readers to draw from this story?

That love does and will overcome any obstacle.

8. What’s the most fascinating thing a reader has said to you regarding your books?

I love all comments from readers – even the bad ones, if they are also constructive. It’s very important to me that the readers like what I am writing, and if they don’t then I need to take a serious look at what I’m writing. So far no one has actually told me they hate my writing, so that’s a positive thing!

9. What book is on top of your TBR pile?

I have 6,000 books downloaded onto my eReader, and as my reading tastes are very eclectic they are all on my TBR file.

10. What are you currently working on and what other projects can readers expect from you in the near future?

I am currently writing the 7th book in the Knight Security series, which also happens to be the last book in this contemporary romance series. Coming up next in contemporary will be a new series, Hearts of Steele. The pre-order for the first book, Nathaniel, will be available in May, with a release date of July.

I also have, Wicked Torment (Regency Sinners 1), the first book in a new Regency romance series available for pre-order, with a release date of April 28th.

I love writing stories in both genres.

11. Any advice for aspiring writers?

Read, read, read. As much and as often as you can, most specifically in the genre you intend writing for. It is so very important that you know what is currently ‘out there’ in that particular genre.

Carole Mortimer has written over 225 books, in contemporary and Regency romance, and is the Recipient of the prestigious 2015 Romance Writers of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She is an Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance Author—ever. 2014 Romantic Times Pioneer of Romance. Was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, for her “outstanding service to literature”.



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