False Security by Elizabeth Goddard


Arriving at her secluded cabin to find her brother missing, Olivia Kendricks follows his trail into the woods until two shooters take aim at her. She only escapes when ex-detective Zachary Long, her brother’s friend and Olivia’s first love comes to her rescue. Now as they run for their lives in the snowbound wilderness, they must search for her brother while figuring out why someone wants them dead. And though Zach’s police force training may be what will save them, it’s also what once drove them apart when he gave Olivia up to chase his dream. In a freezing landscape as deadly as it is beautiful, they’ll have to let go of the past and face down powerful men willing to kill to keep secrets buried.


False Security by Elizabeth Goddard, the third book in the Winderness Inc. series, opens up with rapid-fire action that kept me engrossed. I was swept away with the play by play action as Olivia and Zachary dodged bullets and danger every step they took in order to find Rich, her brother and Zach’s best friend. It is a matter of life and death as they rush to safety knowing fully that shooters with semi-automatic weapons wanted them dead. But why? And who are these people?

Olivia had escaped Portland to live a quiet life yet the irony of living in the middle of nowhere proved to have its consequences. Another irony is that Zach broke her heart years ago and yet here he was saving her life. The danger lurking in every corner tests their faith and self-will. When it’s all over, will they be able to heal together?

Final Verdict:

The storytelling in False Security is flawless and I’ll surely be rereading it in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the book which I read in one sitting and felt involved in all the action. The author wrote with a deftness that brings each of her characters alive…whether they were good or bad. In the end, it was the perfect escape!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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