The Magnate’s Marriage Merger by Joanne Rock

32336143The matchmaker meets her match…in one very persistent tycoon!

Secretive matchmaker to the rich and famous, Lydia Whitney prefers to stay behind the scenes. But after one mistake, rich resort developer Ian McNeill is hot on her trail, and he’s more attractive–and persistent–than ever before.

Ian can’t believe it when he figures out who’s messing with his family: a woman who has deceived–and seduced–him before. What’s her agenda? And why can’t he resist her? He’ll get the answers to all his questions, if Lydia agrees to his convenient marriage proposal. But once she’s in his arms again, will he let her go?

The Magnate’s Marriage Merger is part of The McNeill Magnates trilogy.


Ian McNeill hires a private investigator to find a match maker who goes by the name Mallory West who caused a scandal in his family. The PI’s discovery shocks Ian. He knows this woman. She is no other than Lydia Whitney—his ex. Ian sets out to teach Lydia a lesson for the problems she has caused—except once he learns the truth, Ian will use Lydia to his advantage. He shocks her with a marriage proposal. As outrageous as Ian’s proposal may be, Lydia follows through with it. However, being Ian’s wife rekindles the fire that once burned between them. How will this maddening deception of a marriage pan out?

Final Verdict:

The Magnate’s Marriage Merger by Joanne Rock grasps your interest from the onset. It is a fast-paced and dramatic read—with enough conflict to keep you hooked until the end!

Recommended Read
4 Stars


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