Hot Zone by Elle James

33505103A knight in shining spurs…

Army ranger Trace “Hawkeye” Walsh is in Montana to consider his future, until his involvement in a car chase leaves Olivia Dawson without a foreman for her ranch. Hawkeye can’t walk away from the woman in need. But tackling the role of ranch hand, horses and all, puts this soldier in a hot zone he never imagined.

Olivia needs more than just help with the cattle. The whole reason she’s saddled with Stone Creek Ranch is because someone murdered her father…and now wants the ranch for themselves. Though he’s considering walking away from his career, there’s no way Hawkeye can leave Olivia behind. He must complete this mission for the good of the country–and his heart.

*Ballistic Cowboys Series

Guys, you have to read Hot Zone by Elle James! It is captivating and breathless from beginning to end. Danger abounds and keeps you on the edge of your seat while the hot, delicious romance between the main characters adds that extra spice to keep things flowing smoothly. Trace is sexy, broody and smart. And his protective nature makes him special. Olivia is his perfect match. She is stunning and strong as well, however, beneath her tough girl exterior is a woman who will make any man melt! In the end all I can say is that this story is a wild, thriller of a ride and the quest to bring justice is top priority!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


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