Writing Update: Editing a 2 year manuscript.

Funny how time changes one’s perspective on things…

I’ve dug out the first draft of a manuscript I’d written two years ago (which I had intended to submit to the Harlequin Presents line but never did). These past few days I have been quietly working on editing/polishing this baby.

The story is about an arranged marriage gone terribly wrong with an Italian hero who is an ass from the start and a desert Princess who is too ‘naive’ for her own good. The story is deeply flawed and imperfect from the get go and I noticed it the moment I opened the Word file. Yet it astonishes me that I let this story slip through the cracks over the past two years. How could I just let a 52K manuscript with lots of potential pick dust on my hard drive? I can’t answer that question but what I do know is that the writing is not bad at all. It has faults yes but it is hot, sexy and so dramatic at the same time. AND I do not say this because it is my story—my baby. Not at all. Instead I’ve approached this WIP as an avid reader. Now let’s see how things go.

Here are two teasers that caught my hawk eyes.





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