Ten Ways Alaska is Different by Beth Carpenter

I live in Anchorage, Alaska. That’s why I decided to set The Alaskan Catch there. I love Alaska, and I want to share this special place with readers all over the world. Anchorage is a typical American city in many ways, but it has some special quirks that make it uniquely Alaskan.


 Ten ways living in Alaska is different:

  • “There was a moose in my driveway” is a valid reason for being late for work.
  • You don’t tell kids to be “home by dark.” In winter, that would mean 4pm. In the summer, they might never come home.
  • Your friends are more likely to be impressed with your expedition-quality tent than your designer shoes.
  • You find the concept of high-heeled boots perplexing. Heels? Ice? They’re not compatible.
  • Salmon season ranks right up there with Christmas as something to look forward to.
  • You own seven winter coats and two pairs of shorts.
  • “Did you feel the earthquake last night?” is a common conversation opener.
  • It’s not unusual for someone to own a $5000 bicycle, a pair of $500 cross-country skis, and a car held together with duct tape.
  • Cabbage growing is a competitive sport.
  • Kid’s Halloween costumes are best designed to go over a snowsuit.


AlaskaCatchCoverDana Raynott just traveled 3,600 miles to reunite with the brother who changed his name and fled to Alaska nineteen years ago. It’s impossible not to be moved by this wild, breathtaking state, even if Dana’s no closer to finding the answers she came here for. 

Her brother’s best friend, Anchorage engineer Sam MacKettrick, might be able to help her. He’s strong and kind—a six-foot, irresistible blend of diverse cultures. He’s also haunted by a tragic family history with a startling connection to Dana’s past…

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