#WildernessInc – A Must-Read Series by Elizabeth Goddard! With @bethgoddard

A book addict will never have enough books. Never! For a reader, books are an addiction. A craving. A pure, blissful kind of love affair that is achingly majestic and infinite. Don’t get me wrong, books can make us angry, or it can teach us things we were just illiterate about or it can just turn us wild (you ever read erotic fiction?). All in all, books are whimsical, fantastical, magical, nerve wrecking ‘beings’ created by creative-minded wizards and the soul deep emotions in each new story magnifies one’s senses and opens one’s mind.

Quirks of an avid reader:

1. We hoard books.
2. We dream about books.
3. We deliberately rave about books to make others envious.
4. We complain we have nothing to read even though our TBR is over a mile long.

The point of this post you ask?

I’ve recently read the previous three books of a miniseries (the final book is out now) which I’ve loved, adored and devoured! The author is a talented painter of words whose prose is taut, deep and gripping. It is a romantic suspense quartet so expect to be kept guessing. AND, of course it’s a Harlequin miniseries (I devour them!). The previous books were so good. (So much that I can’t wait to delve into Wilderness Reunion). Now I’ll stop raving and present you with WILDERNESS INC. by Elizabeth Goddard.

Wilderness Inc

Visit Elizabeth Goddard’s website for more book details.


7 thoughts on “#WildernessInc – A Must-Read Series by Elizabeth Goddard! With @bethgoddard

  1. Awesome post! I love the Love Inspired Suspense books!!

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  3. Sounds great. I love getting lost in a series. Thanks for the recommendation. 😀

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