Her New York Billionaire by Andrea Bolter


His fake fiance?

Artist Holly Motta arrives in New York to make a new start only to find billionaire Ethan Benton occupying the apartment where she is meant to be staying! But there’s another surprise in store Ethan needs a fake fiance fast and he wants her to fill the role! But Ethan’s got no intention of trusting any woman with his heart. Until he lets beautiful Holly into his world and discovers she is the only woman he’d really like to make his wife! 


A few days ago I hyped about Her New York Billionaire by Andrea Bolter about how much I think this book would be a sweet and romantic read. Well…the story lived up to my expectations and it was beyond sweet. The banter and the chemistry between Ethan and Holly sparked from the very start. The way chapter one opens up had grabbed me instantly.

‘Why is your face is blue?’

This snippet of dialogue sets the scene for a meeting between two complete strangers. And oh man I was hooked right there. There is something appealing about a hero who knows how to make you giggle and Ethan’s quirks make you do just that. He makes you laugh a time or two. The serious bit is when he reaches out to Holly for her help. Why should she help him? It’s not like she owes him any favors. Does she? I knew from that instant when she gives her go ahead their relationship would evolve. Their romance is sweet but it is the beautiful and lush writing which breathes life into these two wonderful, headstrong main characters. Even though there aren’t many secondary cast in the book—and that’s not an issue—I felt the story was still well-balanced for a debut romance novel. Ms. Bolter, Her New York Billionaire is a marvelously classy story! Congratulations, you are well and truly on your way to shining light into the hearts of your readers with your unique and passionate storytelling.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

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