The Marriage Contract by Kat Cantrell

Cover-e1487278827477Mills & Boon Desire series delivers powerful, passionate romances…

A Billionaire’s Baby Plan…

Desmond Pierce wants a child — but the conventional route won’t do for the reclusive inventor. Enter McKenna Moore, a medical student willing to be a surrogate mum…and to marry by proxy without ever meeting her husband.

But when the baby’s health requires McKenna to not only face Desmond but also live with him, their chemistry explodes. Soon McKenna is in his bed, where he wants her to stay. But saying yes to making their marriage real puts McKenna’s dreams at risk — and forces Desmond to re-evaluate everything he’s ever wanted…


I’ve always looked forward for my next Kat Cantrell fix and The Marriage Contract, her May release is a fun read that I have been anticipating reading. Honestly, this book has been sitting on my tbr for a while, not because the story didn’t entice me but rather because my staggering book list wouldn’t give me a break. (But hey, I’m not complaining!)

Desmond Pierce and McKenna Moore share an unconventional relationship. It is this complicated relationship that keeps the drama wheel turning. Good writing, crisp dialogue and a hint of humour kept me transfixed with the unfolding shenanigans.

Desmond reserves his macho rights throughout this book but most times beneath his dark, encompassing veneer is a man who just needs someone to love who will in turn love him back.

McKenna brings out the best in Des for all the right and wrong reasons (at times). She and Des may be at odds at intervals but she understands him more than he would like. Her smart, admirable personality is a main focal point in moving the plot forward.

I felt a deep connection shared between these two main characters. They are realistic and beneath their composed facades are people who carry extra baggage that only love can heal. Kat Cantrell brings to light Desmond and McKenna’s compelling conflict and their sensual passion in the most dramatic of ways and because of that I closed the book one satisfied reader.

4 Stars


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