The Baby Merger by Yvonne Lindsay


One white lie leads to one little secret… 

The truth is, Sally Harrison’s one-night stand with the breathtaking business tycoon Kirk Tanner was the most mind-blowing sex of her life. But after discovering that Kirk’s her new boss, she feels used. And finding out she’s pregnant has upended her life.

The intensity of Kirk’s attraction to Sally is off the charts. But after concealing his identity that night, Sally’s unwilling to ever believe him again. Besides, she resents that he’s been put in charge of her father’s company instead of her. But when Sally’s suspended for corporate espionage, can Kirk prove her innocence…and his love? 


Sally Harrison is well-educated and classy but for the longest while she has been living in the shadows. Now she’s determined to overcome her phobia. When she meets Kirk Tanner she decides to put up a bold act.

After Kirk approaches her in the bar, Sally is overwhelmed by his intense gorgeousness which hits her gob smack in the face. Being with him makes her feel strong and desirable and she can’t believe a man this handsome would even buy her a drink much less flirt with her! Her phobia is forgotten when she finds herself in Kirk’s arms. One thing leads to another. She can’t think clearly. Kirk ignites something in her. His sweet talking, passionate seduction makes her head spin. She wants him. However, one one-night stand later she discovers his deception and now Sally feels sick to the stomach. She hates him at this point and all she wants is to forget the pleasure he has given her, though it proves a challenge. Her determination makes her fight hard for her rights. He has turned out to be ruthless and when he gets the top seat in her father’s business she hates him even more. Things get topsy turvy from here on and the rush of drama and reined in desire is enough to keep the pages turning.

Overall, Yvonne Lindsay weaves a compelling tale. I thoroughly enjoyed The Baby Merger. It is a good, angsty read and one I believe romance fans would devour.

4 Stars