Twin Surprise for the Single Doc by Susanne Hampton

lgcover.9780373011162Saving her babies… 

In labor, trapped in an elevator, Claudia Monticello grips Patrick Spencer’s hand. Abandoned by her babies’ father, she must rely on this handsome stranger’s quick thinking and kindness to bring her twins safely into the world!  

A former obstetrician, Patrick won’t let Claudia down. He might have vowed never to love again, but as he holds these adorable babies in his arms, Patrick finds he can’t just walk away from them—or their strong and beautiful mother…


Ms. Hampton draws you into her story from the moment you flip to page one. Twin Surprise for the Single Doc is a vibrant, heartfelt and emotionally intense book brought to life through compelling prose and expressive characterization. Claudia Monticello and Patrick Spencer’s stories will tug at your darn heartstrings! I was emotional when I read that elevator scene. But wow! Claudia and Patrick’s story isn’t a smooth journey. The obstacles thrown in their paths test the limits of their strength and endurance. In the end love wins and for me it is all that matters—a happy ever after which overcomes the bumpy journey it takes to get to that rewarding and fitting ending!

4.5 Stars