Soaring Word Count? Check ✔️

Hey my lovely readers and fellow bloggers. The storm clouds have been swept away, the rain has ceased and brilliant sunshine now surround us like a halo here in my slice of heaven on Earth. Here are a few shots of what I’m talking about. I’m loving it! 



So what have you all been up to? I see a lot of new books circulating and notice the reviews too. I. WANT. THEM. ALL. (The books I mean.) Anyways, I have been super busy. My word count is soaring and I’m happy to get the words down on my 2018 project. I just recently typed THE END on a manuscript I’d started back in 2017. It needs plenty of work but if you don’t know me, here’s the thing I love putting myself to the task. I work especially best under pressure. So no pressure. I’m ending this short post with a screenshot of said project I just finished (and it’s romance of course).