Conveniently Engaged to the Boss by Ellie Darkins


From assistant to fiance! Joss Dawson knows the one thing that will make his dying father happy is to see his son find lovethe problem is, he’s sworn off love forever! But the answer’s simple! Asking his father’s fiercely intelligent, beautiful assistant Eva to play the perfect rolehis fiance. Only for Eva it’s not that easy Pretending to be Joss’s fiance threatens to ruin the life she’s worked so hard for! And how will she keep her head when she’s losing her heart to her frustratingly attractive new boss?


Ellie Darkins writing in Conveniently Engaged to the Boss is pure perfection. The story oozed with a sensuality that makes you swoon and kudos to the author for bringing this book to life with such clarity. I loved every bit of Joss and Eva’s journey! 

Joss will do anything to put a smile on his dying father’s lips. Proposing to the beautiful Eva makes his father happy. Except the deception behind the charade he’d concocted haunts Eva. However, spending excess time with Joss leaves her with a heart on the verge of melting. She’s mad for Joss. But will her feelings be reciprocated? Find out in Ellie Darkins fabulous new release!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars 


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