Buying His Bride of Convenience (Bound to a Billionaire #3) by Michelle Smart

9780263924756Daniele Pellegrini must wed or lose his family inheritance. Eva Bergen is the perfect candidate for three reasons:

1. Her body is pure temptation
2. She can’t reject his outrageous charitable donation in exchange for their vows.
3. Most importantly, she can’t stand him – this hard-hearted tycoon won’t risk his wife falling in love!

When Eva’s first youthful marriage ended in tragedy, she buried any hope of loving again. She’s certain she’ll have no problem keeping her second marriage on purely convenient terms…until her husband changes the rules with his expertly ruthless seduction!


Buying His Bride of Convenience is the final book in Michelle Smart’s Bound to a Billionaire trilogy. The story follows Daniele Pelligrini and continues in parallel with Matteo and Natasha’s story who we met in Claiming His One-Night Baby. 

Buying His Bride of Convenience opens up with Daniele having himself checked out by a medical volunteer, Eva Bergen who he so happens to know from a previous date. Their meeting in the opening scenes isn’t glamorous or the sparks don’t fly off the pages. However, when Daniele is tasked with finding a wife in order to claim his inheritance, he has one person in mind…Eva. The drama slowly builds from this point and the scenes that unfold close the trilogy with a bang. Unique, angsty and intense, Buying His Bride of Convenience by Michelle Smart is a solid and compelling read. I enjoyed the banter and the internal musings of Eva and Daniele and throughout their tumultuous journey from being polar opposites to becoming madly in love make their relationship become the perfect forever after! 

4.5 Stars


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